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Published: Fri, 24. Oct 2014., 16:58

Sulo Wheelie Otto bin tipper attachments now available for hire

We now have range of sulo bin tippers available for hire. Also known as wheelie bins they can be moved by forklift or crane attachment. They allow easy automatic tipping by remote. We have single and twin units now available for hire.

Concrete Kibble

Container Ramp

Crane Bin

Forklift Bin

Forklift Bin

Forklift Gutter Ramps

Forklift Jib Attachment

Forklift Oxy Cage 22

Forklift Oxy Cage 28

Forklift Personnel Cage

Forklift Rock Grab

Forklift Slippers

Forklift Sulo Bin

Forklift Twin Lifter

Hiab Fork Attachment

Material Cage

Pallet Trolley

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